What is iRegNet3D?

Integrated Regulatory Network 3D (iRegNet3D) is a high-resolution regulatory network comprised of interfaces of all known transcription factor (TF)-TF, TF-DNA interaction interfaces, as well as chromatin-chromatin interactions and topologically associating domain (TAD) information from different cell lines. It is not only a valuable resource to study the molecular mechanisms of both coding and non-coding regulatory mutations on a genomic scale, but also an indispensable framework for interpreting the results of numerous ongoing large-scale sequencing and disease-associated studies.

Define your own query

Search for transcription factors

Enter an identifier of a transcription factor (Uniprot ID, e.g. P04637; or Entrez Gene ID, e.g. 7157; or gene name, e.g. TP53) to retrieve all its transcription factor-interacting interfaces, its DNA binding interfaces as well as all the coding missense mutations on its gene.


Search for mutations

Enter an identifier of a disease-associated mutation (dbSNP rs ID, e.g. rs80357034; or chromosome:position in hg19, e.g. chr10:43572516) to retrieve details of the mutation and topologically associating domains (TADs) it is located at.
You could also choose to enter a pair of mutations to obtain additional information about whether the two mutations are associated with the same disease, and whether the two mutations are located across interacting chromatin regions.